Satsuriku Hime (殺戮姫) – 1 Volume Complete

Alternative Name : 殺戮姫, Princess Massacre, Satsuriku Hime
Genre(s) : Shounen
Author : MISAKI Hayashi
Artist : MISAKI Hayashi
Years : 2007
Status in Country of Origin : 01 Volume (Complete)

Isurugi Ouji and Shinkawa Ru have a special kind of relationship. Not only are they childhood friends, their relationship will make or break society. Ru is a psychotic murderer who uses her long nails, which she hides by wearing gloves, to rip through people. If Ru feels that she dislikes a person, she will go on a rampage, killing them and anyone in the vicinity. The only thing holding her back is Ouji, who she has a crush on. It is up to Ouji if Ru will use her rage for hunting down other serial killers or turn into an unstoppable evil.

RAW Manga Satsuriku Hime | 殺戮姫

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